Rustic Wedding Ideas for a Memorable Wedding

30One of the most trending wedding themes that are followed nowadays by couples is a rustic wedding ceremony. This is because rustic weddings come with feelings of warmth, wistfulness, and of good memories. So if you feel like going back to the origins and have a more traditional but unique wedding event, here are tips that would make your wedding day naturally memorable.

First and foremost, consider preparing old and classic foods. One of the most popular option is wedding pies in Houston, Texas. No rustic wedding would be complete without the all-time comfort food, pies. To make it more customised, consider preparing a pie made of recipe of your grandmother, an aunt, or your mother. People will surely love the warmth that these classic foods can offer.

Second, get married next to a barn. Whether you’re planning to use your family’s barn or you want to rent, getting married inside or next to a barn will set everything in motion. You would need less decorations and the backdrop is just perfect. Consider adding some centerpiece, lighting, and old furniture to complete the decorations.  

Third, have a rustic buffet meal. Depending on the time of the day you’re tying the knot, offering a buffet after the ceremony with foods that are usually served during special occasions in the past will complete the experience of a rustic-themed wedding.

Fourth, arrange chairs with rustic signs. The best thing about a rustic-themed wedding is that you don’t have to buy sophisticated furniture and other accessories to achieve the effect that you want. All you need is an old wooden chair with “Mr.” and “Mrs.” signs at the back and you’re good to go. Guests can also seat in a long wooden chair while witnessing the exchange of vows of the couple in front of a wooden altar.

Finally, create a hula hoop chandelier. Again, you don’t need to purchase a grand, oversized chandelier to decorate the barn for a rustic wedding. You can actually do it yourself. All you need to do is create a hula hoop made of a wood or a vine, cover it with leafy decorations, and hanging white or yellow lights on the hula hoop.

These are only some shining ideas that you can incorporate in your plans to have a rustic-themed wedding. By serving your guests with wedding pies in Houston, Texas, getting married next to a barn, adding rustic but decent decorations, and having a buffet meal will make your dream rustic wedding come true.